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Cuff Title Metz 1944

The Metz 1944 cuff title was a battle and tradition badge of the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War. It was created on October 24th, 1944 by Adolf Hitler through Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and awarded in his function as Chief of the High Command of the Wehrmacht „in the nam

Metz 1944

e of the Führer“. The creation of the Metz 1944 cuff title certified the owner an active defense role in defensive battles around the French fortress

of Metz (France), which raged in the time from August 27th till September 25th, 1944 between members of the battle group “ Siegroth “ and the Allies.

Metz 1944

The Metz 1944 cuff title was only given as a badge of the Wehrmacht to those soldiers, who were parts of the battle group“Siegroth“. They must have at least one „honorable“ seven-day operation under the battle group „Siegroth“ or were wounded in the course of these fighting’s. Furthermore, the cuff title was provided as tradition badge that could be acquired by all officers, officials, sergeants and enlisted grades of „School VI Fhj. D. Inf. Metz“.


The Metz 1944 cufftitle consisted of black base with silver bezel and silver embroidered inscription: METZ 1944, it was worn on the left forearm. Furthermore, all political leaders of the NSDAP were allowed to wear the armband all Party uniforms and its organization uniforms. Again, the premise was an active role in the defense of the city. It is still not clear whether the cuff title was lent during the war. There are some pictures where the cuff title were handed over and some pictures with the Metz cuff title in wear. Some of the fighters in the Metz school told later, that the award Metz 1944 cuff title was written in the Wehrpass, but the cuff title itself and the award document were not handed over to the

Metz 1944

fighters. But there are some groupings on the market with the documents and the cuff title together. From time to time there are original examples which are made slightly different. It is Hard to say if they are good or not.

This very nice cuff title Metz 1944 belongs to Thomas Bendixen, who was so kind to give me pictures for my book of about cuff titles.



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