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Close Range Night Fighter clasp Luftwaffe

Hi Collectors, I found this very nice and rare

Operational Flight Clasp for Close Range Night Fighters in Gold on the internet. Collection of  Marco Rebola with the pictures from Militaria Berlin.

Close Range Night Fighter Clasp Gold


This one is hard to find in that near mint condition with all of the matt gilt plate still present. Swastika and highpoints burnished.  The silk matt black paint on the wreath complete which is often gone due to the use on the uniform. Close range night fighters clasp are easy to spot because of the black wreath and the arrowhead points upward.

Sadly not marked but a known variation.

Close Range Night Fighter Clasp Gold

To the history of these clasps:

….This clasp for the Luftwaffe were introduced August 14, 1942.

The front flying clasps were donated by Hermann Göring, the commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe, on January 30, 1941, as a visible sign and recognition of the fronts in the air. All members of the Luftwaffe who were involved in front duty and fulfilled the provisions for this award. The front clasps were expanded 1944 on to finally 8 different versions.

These were:

Close Range Night Fighter Clasp Gold

Jäger, Nah Nachtjäger, Fern Nachtjäger, Aufklärer, Kampf-und Sturzkampfflieger, Transport-und Luftlandeflieger, Schlachtflieger und Zerstörer  An enemy flight included missions that were at least 30 km behind the frontline or were connected with enemy contacts. Later, long flight times, over 12 hours 4 times and over 16 hours were counted 5 times. The bronze front clasp was awarded after 20 enemy flights, the silver after 60 flights and the golden front clasp after 110 enemy flights.  Due to the frequent overloading of the numbers, the Star (Tag) was donated to the golden front wing on June 26, 1942. From  April 29, 1944, instead of the Star the numbers were given to the Crew men like 100, 200 and so on.




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