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Pilot and Observer Badge made by Assmann

 This extreme rare and hard to find early Assmann Pilot and observer Badge with the matching case belongs to the collection of William K

Pilot & Observer Badge with case

ramer. In this stunning condition for sure a “looker” you can’t see every day. If you find early Assmann badges they are normally hard work and not like this. The badge is made from Tombak, so the catch is soldered directly to the wreath. The shape of the wreath is early Egg-Shape !!! Typical Assmann rivets on the backside and the “A” marker in the middle of the eagles backside togesther with the „A&S“ !

The Assmann Company started business in the 18th century and made uniform buttons and badges for the military.

Pilot & Observer Badge

Not anymore, today they do other things:

Assmann Company Today






Interesting to read what happened in 1955 for the new armed forces of Germany, the Bundeswehr and the company Assmann (Article is in German) :  News from 1955


To the History of the Pilot and Observer badge, in German language often called “Doppler” because it combined both activities in one badge, here are some information to it.

Pilot & Observer Badge backside

The combined pilot’s/observer’s qualification badge was originally introduced by Hermann Göring on January 19th, 1935, and featured a horizontally oval wreath encompassing a stylized national eagle in flight. On March 26TH 1935 the badge was redesigned by altering the wreath to the vertical position as with the other Luftwaffe qualification badges.

Pilot & Observer Badge Marker A +A&S

The badge was intended for award to personnel who had qualified for both the military pilot’s and the observer’s badges and had held at least one of the awards for a minimum of one year. This second pattern badge took the same form as the pilot’s badge, but with a golden wreath.