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Close Combat Clasp by Thomas M. Durante

Hi guys,
Hi Collector friends,

today I like to give you a first impression on a new book of my friend Tom Durante.

But let the Author find his own words to give you an inside view:

Thomas M. Durante:
I am happy to announce my new book on the Close Combat Clasp. This is the 2nd edition to the first printing more than 11 years ago. I have gotten a lot of requests over the years to do a 2nd printing and I took the opportunity to add in as many variants of the clasp I could put my hands on and am happy to say that this book will not disappoint!

It is a complete book on the Close Combat Clasp, including every individual clasp maker and all their variants. No unique die characteristic or reverse hardware setup change was too small; each has been categorized and examined in great detail along with an explanation of what sets that variant apart from other clasps.

I have also added several „Quick Reference Charts“ to all chapters for quick and easy identification of each maker and each clasp variant. This will be a big help in sorting out the many variations of AGMuK clasps, among others.

My first book was 309 pages, this 2nd edition is 464. It includes all the information from the first book, along with all the additional variants.

A large chapter on the Golden Presentation Close Combat Clasp is included, with several examples of each pattern being shown, along with their respective cases.

There are many nice groupings in the book, but also Award Documents have been broken out separately and given their own chapter which will make them easier to identify and search.

Cartons, packets and cellophane bags have also been shown in a separate chapter with all the variations found with each example, and what sets them apart from reproductions

And last but not least, a full chapter on all the most recent and dangerous fakes on the market. More than 11 years have passed since the first printing and unfortunately the fakes have gotten better and harder to detect so I feel a dedicated chapter on the best reproductions to date is an important aspect to any collector book.

Over 460 pages and 1,350 high quality, color images in 7″ x 9.5″ format.

The books are currently being printed and are scheduled to be done and shipped from the printer to me on January 18th.

Book price will be $159 + S&H. The first 100 will Limited Edition, serial numbered and signed by me, and I will offer those at $179 + S&H.

I am offering a 10% discount for any orders that come in before January 18th. And all contributors to the book will also get a 10% discount for their kind and generous assistance.

Please email me at if interested.

Thanks guys, I know you guys will be very happy with this book.

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